Studio Recording Kettering

In addition to instrumental guitar and music technology tuition, I offer a range of professional audio recording and music production services at extremely competitive rates with no hidden additional charges.

Modular Synthesis

Record musical performances and/or compositions  you have written in high definition. I have all the equipment needed and the knowledge to produce your music with industry-grade results. With my assistance we can add ANY instrumentation you require. By working with both live audio and sequenced virtual instruments, the sky really is the limit as to what can be achieved! When the recording is complete, we will mix-down and master the track, which will then be presented to you in multiple formats for digital distribution and sharing through social media.

Pro Mixing & Outboard

These sessions will give you the opportunity to direct me, your engineer and musician if required, in creating a piece of music for you! You’re the producer… what you say goes! I’m an experienced instrumentalist, composer and sound designer, and can turn my hand to almost any genre required… you tell me what you want, and I’ll make it happen. I’m always happy to offer as much creative input as you feel is necessary to get the job done, I never forget that it’s your production… your vision… YOUR MUSIC!

If you want to record in a specific location for the acoustic properties of a particular space or for any other reason, I can bring the tracking studio to you, albeit in compacted form. I can still achieve breath-taking quality recordings on-location, which can later be mixed and mastered in the studio.

I’m extremely professional in my approach to recording your music. When customers are paying for my time, I recognise that a swift and competent grasp of workflow is essential, as is the ability for me to find the sounds you want quickly and without fuss. I have many tools for producing quality music, but more importantly, I have a thorough theoretical and practical understanding of how to use them to always achieve the best results.

Contact me to today to discuss how I can help you: 01536 628890 / 07884 254249 or email:

A Mesa Boogie dual speaker combo recorded through condenser and ribbon mic's


Hardware available for use includes: Up to 16 tracks (simultaneous) recording at 192KHz. A range of pro microphones for every occasion and JDK Audio pre-amplification. DI’s by Radial Engineering. Guitar amps by Mesa Boogie, Marshall, Fender, Peavey and Blackstar. Control room monitoring by Mackie & Yamaha. A decent range of outboard effects and many guitar effects pedals.

Software available for use includes: Steinberg Cubase Pro, Propellerheads Reason, Ableton Live, and Native Instruments Komplete. Virtual instrument plugins by Spectrasonics, Roland, East West, XLN, FXpansion, and many other developers. Audio fx plugins by Eventide, IK Multimedia, Universal Audio, Slate Digital and many more.

Instruments available for use include: Electric guitars, nylon and steel string acoustic guitars, electric bass, soprano and tenor ukulele, banjo, mandolin, keyboards, hardware synths, modular synths (Doepfer, Pittsburgh Modular, Mutable Instruments, etc.), harmonium, analogue and digital drum machines, and a range of both common and exotic percussive instruments.

Modular Synthesis



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