22nd May 2018

It’s great weather here, and there’s plenty going on…

Picking Chicken-Pickers

Check out this feature on rising stars in the world of country guitar playing… plenty of incredible techniques and super tight picking on offer here.

Music Radar article: https://www.musicradar.com/news/10-emerging-country-guitarists-you-need-to-hear

The Binary Soul Of Electric Guitar

An interesting Premier Guitar feature on the necessary balancing of an instrument and it’s means of amplification, and the journey that is finding your sound.

Premier Guitar article: https://www.premierguitar.com/articles/27227-signal-to-noise-the-binary-soul-of-electric-guitar

The delicate balancing of instrument and amplification...

Two of the very best

A few words on tuning

Though clip-on tuners and apps that use a phone’s mic for tuning may be convenient options, it’s always good to be able to tune an instrument by matching pitches using your hearing. I’m not suggesting you avoid technology altogether and use a tuning fork, but next time your guitar, ukulele, bass, banjo or mandolin is out of tune, go to http://www.get-tuned.com/index.php – select your instrument and have a go at matching pitches by ear, rather than being told what’s right or wrong by an electronic tuner.

Don't forget to use your ears...


Good luck to my students who are taking their GCSE and A Level exams at the moment, and with the Summer term grade exams now fast approaching, to those that it applies, stay focused and make sure you practise every day!

And Finally

Please don’t feel compelled to listen if you’re in a rush, but should you have a few moments spare, here is a bluesy track from my latest studio project, Feed Cage E, featuring cigar box guitar, electric guitar, bass and drums. Have a great evening!