8th October 2018

At last Autumn is upon us, and I’m confident the cooler weather will be even more conducive to musical instrument practise and performance. Congratulations to all my students who produced fantastic results in their Summer term grade exams, a warm welcome to all my new students who have started taking lessons with me in recent weeks, and a very big thank you to those people that have recommended my services to others.

A Few Words On Learning To Play An Instrument

In a world of increasing immediacy, many people underestimate how difficult it can be to learn to play a musical instrument proficiently. It takes a lot of time, effort and consistency to succeed. However, don’t be put off by this, the benefits that come from an unwavering commitment to learning can be life changing.

So, to all my students and to anyone currently learning, play your instrument every day, and remember that determination will be your greatest asset in accomplishing your goals.

The VFE Klein Bottle

In my other endeavours, I’ve just started working on sound demonstrations for VFE Pedals in the USA, working specifically with a pedal called the Klein Bottle. This effect pedal not only looks amazing, it also provides three independent send and return loops to attach additional effects, and has feedback controls to allow bleed between the loops. It’s capable of some incredible sounds and seems suitable for a range of different instruments and applications. I’m very much looking forward to putting the pedal through it’s paces in the studio. Keep an eye on my website or my Instagram account for further detailed information and audio.