COVID-19 update & other projects

The current lockdown situation has resulted in me not being able to offer one-on-one and group lessons from my home, but I’m pleased to be able to continue teaching and supporting students via Skype and Zoom. For all of us, the need to adapt has never been more important, and through the use of modern technology, we can remain connected until the lockdown measures are relaxed.

Grade exams are currently unavailable for students to undertake at test centres across the UK, however LCM/RGT have now prepared and had accredited a range of recorded exams. This will allow students to make video recordings of the adapted grade content at home, which can then be submitted online for marking and feedback. Please contact me if you would like further information regarding recorded exam requirements.

If there is anything I can do to help you in the coming weeks in respect of learning to play guitar, bass and/or ukulele, or for music technology tuition, please contact me.


In addition to teaching music, I’m also working hard on a very exciting computer game project developed by NotGames and published by Tinybuild called, Not For Broadcast, which is now available in an Early Access edition on Steam. Taking on all tasks that incorporate sound design and audio processing in my studio, the game development is moving forward nicely, and thankfully hasn’t been disrupted by the Coronavirus epidemic.

More information available here:


Also, in partnership with Stoke-On-Trent based steel product manufacturer, Coleman Air Distribution, I’m designing a range of high-quality, UK-made pedalboards for musicians. Although still at an early stage in the project, I have several prototypes wired up (example below of a small format plank), and a number of parties interested in taking on distribution of the product. It doesn’t take much to get me excited about effects pedals and pedalboards, but the boards we’re working on here have done just that. The build quality compared to other leading pedalboard manufacturers such as Pedaltrain, TRex, Tourtec, etc. is in a different league altogether, they will be available in black, white, and unfinished aluminum, and did I say they’re going to be made entirely here in the UK. Watch this space for more info.

Please stay safe, remain happy, and always be creative!